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Shigeru Mizuki, Utagawa Hiroshige

Editions Cornelius

Utagawa Hiroshige is undoubtedly, with Hokusai, one of the most recognized Japanese artists in the art of printmaking. Born in 1797, he never stopped drawing the nature and landscapes of Japan before its transformation during the Meiji era. In 1832, after having made his first trip on the Tôkaidô road (illustrious road linking the shogun's capital, Edo, and the imperial capital, Kyoto) he produced his most famous series of prints, the 53 Stations of Tôkaidô (1833-1834). It represents the landscapes and major places encountered along the way by integrating scenes of daily life. Inspired by this undisputed master of printmaking, Shigeru Mizuki decided to pay homage to Hiroshige by creating his own series of illustrations, The Fifty-three Relays of the Yôkaidô. The mangaka will spend two years (2001-2003) redrawing Hiroshige's original landscapes. He mischievously integrates his personal universe, populated by youkai and his own characters, including Kitaro pushing him away. A true fusion of the classic tradition of ukiyo-e (artistic movement of prints in the Edo period) and Japanese folklore, this book offers the illustrations of the two masters facing each other and offers the reader an unprecedented fantastic journey. • Shigeru Mizuki and Utagawa Hiroshige • Blaise Collection • 112 color pages • 30 x 24 cm • Hardcover with cloth spine


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