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Yes, But

Yes, But

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The Mansion Press

  • Yes, But by Gudim :
  • 200 color pages 
  • 15 X 21 centimeters
  • Softcover
  • UV spot on cover 

A veritable social satyr, Yes , But by Kazakh artist Gudim brings out the stupidity of our society with absurdity and irony.
With his highly recognizable style, Gudim destroys the concept of progress and evolution in our civilization and brings out the worst in our way of life with unrivalled virtuosity and finesse. Whether you're young or old, a woman or a man, you're bound to find many pages in this book that remind you of your own contradictions. Rest assured, you're not alone. It's for everyone! But is it really reassuring? You tell us!

Gudim's artistic style is characterized by clean lines, bright colors and minimalist compositions. His use of visual metaphors and juxtapositions adds depth to his satire, creating a compelling visual narrative. Whether a simple caricature or a complex illustration, Gudim's skillful execution amplifies the impact of his message.
One of the remarkable aspects of the "Yes, BUT" Gag series is its ability to elicit multiple interpretations. Gudim encourages viewers to engage with the artwork, sparking conversations and reflections on the societal issues it addresses. Each work invites us to question our own beliefs and assumptions, prompting us to consider alternative perspectives.
Gudim's "Yes BUT Gag" series is a testament to the power of art as a tool for social commentary and introspection. Through his deft use of satire, Gudim invites us to laugh, reflect and re-evaluate our world. The series sparks conversation, raises awareness and encourages positive change.


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