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Worthy Tales Magazine Issue 3

Worthy Tales Magazine Issue 3

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Editor: Evelyn Richardson

92 PAGES, 8.5 x 11”


Taste a pleasant poison in Nectar of the Demonflower! Hear the superhuman sounds of The 5 Exceptions! Feel your feet lifting off the ground in the Anti-Gravity Ballroom as you try on The Lipsticks of Mars! Smell the rotten stench of the charnel house while you sneak into the city of Pescabläder alongside Téwae and David Derain in The Arms of a Stranger! See the very forces of eternity and entropy projected on film strips, floating in The Bath... and stir to the sixth sense on Warlow’s night!

Pulled from the pens of Stephen Kerr, Evelyn Richardson, Sarah Billings, Matthew DeCostanza, Rob Stammitti, and Antoine Riley-Lucy.

Featuring a cover painting and interior illustrations by the peerless Meg Powers, with additional astounding artwork from Nate Garcia, Malcolm Johnson, Raphael Tiberino, Timmy Wade, and Chuck Willy.


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