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Washington White

Washington White

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Adam Griffiths

Secret Acres

Extra! Extra! Adam Griffiths’s Washington White, winner of the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo’s Cupcake Award, is a spy thriller set in a future District of Columbia—and within an engineered virus. In D.C., the President authorizes covert testing of a mind-control disease, a transgender drummer fights to rejoin her punk band, and the black owner of a local tabloid, Washington White, threatens to expose the corruption—because his evil, white tycoon dad is the one behind it. Meanwhile, a greedy developer is gentrifying the universe within the disease. Washington White is also the true story of Adam Griffiths’ grandmother, Peggy Griffiths, a lawyer for the U.S. Civil Service Commission’s Appeals Review Board, best known for winning a landmark bias lawsuit against the federal government in 1977. As the Comics Journal writes: “Griffiths has fearlessly tackled the Big Stuff—sex, politics, gender, race—through circuitous and speculative science fiction. Needless to say, Griffiths’s work is complicated and dense and us comics readers are better off for it.” Read all about it in Washington White


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