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Aritsts of Color Collective

Featured Artists:

Riley Gosnell, Isaiah Reese, Jillian Villafuerte, Hannah Pang, Mak Bowdren, Justin J. Keller, Blue Park, Paul Okoh, Marcus Frye-Boyd, Naz Khoury, June Bae, Sidney Dual, Ruby Perkins, Alissa Roach, Beatrix Del Carmen, Citlalli Ramirez

The Artists of Color Collective (AoCC) is a community and resource for creative people of color at Temple University and beyond. AoCC is a community of filmmakers, art historians, studio artists, and hobbyists. Together the group has produced two zines (“Breaking Boundaries” and “Warmth”) and two gallery exhibitions (“Digital Entanglements” and “Borders & Portals”). Our mission is to uplift our artists and help them reach their full creative potential. As such the collective is offering pieces made by various artists across various mediums.


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