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UNGODZ the impious journey

UNGODZ the impious journey

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A grotesque epic inspired by Virgil's Aeneid,
compatible with Mork Borg and other OSR systems,

illustrated by:
(based on the same-titled short story by MARCO TADDEI)

" It was as if we had always been there, but without any memory of having been born there.
We quickly realized that nothingness is the keystone of this universe and that there are no corners of this places in which peace is not shattered by the iron pace of a glassy and insane death.
We had ships, which had become sinister to us, as if spirits had taken possession of them.
Now, we were in a sort of silent hell. Among the black sands of an endless desert, we realized that we had before us only dangerous exploration of a bitter land."

published by Hollow Press - April 2024
limited edition:
1000 copies for the english version
and 1000 copies for the italian version
17x24 cm format
off-set full color printing + 1 pantone
stapled binding
52 pages on Magno 140g paper
Tintoretto 300g paper for the cover

Narrative ink: Marco taddei
Challanges, tables and other putrid situations: Associazione Lokendil
in anthropomorphic simulacra of Andrea, Gabriele, Giulia, Filippo, Manfredi and Valentino
Artworks: Johan Nohr, Plastiboo, Fat Gomez, Alfred Pietroni, Aleksandra Czudzak, Filip Ugrin
Editors: Michele Nitri, Simone Alberto Grifone, Ratatà Festival
English translator: Bruno Letizia
English proofreader: Salvatore Turi Privitera
Graphic Design: Raffaele Primitivo
Graphic supervisor: Marco Cirillo Pedri

"UNGODZ the impious journey" is an indipendent production of Hollow Press created in collaboration with Ratatà festival and Associazione Lokendil and is not affiliated with Ockult Ortmastare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the Mork Borg third-party license. Mork Borg is a registered trademark of Ockult Ortmastare Games and Stockholm Kartell.


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