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TV Grime Pilot Pack

TV Grime Pilot Pack

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Luke Geddes

Works of Love

Presenting the TV GRIME Pilot Pack! Five ALL NEW 8-page mini-zines housed in a classic waxpack wrapper with bonus sticker and gum!

Each mini-zine constitutes a pilot presentation for a future full-length issue. Like a TV pilot--get it??

Includes: In Search Of...Lost Halloween Episodes, Northern Exposure Shirts: A Field Guide, thirtysomethzine, Please Bring This Back In My Life, and Moebius Card (a preview of TVG's projected "Horny Issue"). Unfold each to reveal additional content, including an EXCLUSIVE comic & pin-up by Nate "Grixly" McDonough, the greatest working cartoonist of today!

Some in color, some in b&w. Better buy two: one to open and one for collecting!


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