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TV GRIME Christmas Countdown Special

TV GRIME Christmas Countdown Special

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Luke Geddes

Works of Love

By popular demand! The stocking-stuffer-sized follow-up to the best-selling debut issue: the TV GRIME Christmas Countdown Special. Up-close reviews & free associations of 12 Notable and/or Notably Unnotable Yuletide Episodes, c. 1990 - 2001.

What shows are covered? It's a SURPRISE! Like an Advent calendar, get it? I didn't allow myself to repeat any series that were included in the super-comprehensive first issue*, so brace yourself for heavy hitters and ultra-deep cuts alike!

*except for one ESSENTIAL exception that HAD to be included

Pages turn vertically like a calendar. You can watch/read one episode per day in the 12 days leading up to X-Mas or cram it all in one sitting, I don't care!

Approx 4.25" x 4.25". 32 interior pages printed in COLOR on spruce green paper. Heavy glittery golden cardstock cover that sparkles like a wink from Old Saint Nick himself!


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