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Tummy Bugs

Tummy Bugs

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Leomi Sadler

Breakdown Press, 190 x 260mm -- 96 pages -- offset printed -- paperback

“You never know what you’re gonna step in next.”

The stories inside Tummy Bugs are by turn absurd, surreal and funny. Short luridly coloured vignettes transport the reader into a deeply individual landscape, populated by strange creatures, where the line between fantasy, reality and science fiction is constantly shifting.

Leomi Sadler has been a cult figure in the alternative comics scene for over a decade, running the critically acclaimed publisher Famicon Express. Sadler’s commercial illustration work has seen them collaborate with Givenchy, Nike and Vice Magazine as their artistic tendrils continue to extend beyond comics and into the worlds of fashion and contemporary art.

Sadler’s comics work has previously only seen the light of day in glimpses. Small print runs of self-published zines and in prestigious anthologies like Kramer’s Ergot or Lagon Revue. With Tummy Bugs, Breakdown Press aims to bring Sadler’s unique vision to its widest audience yet.

Tummy Bugs was printed by offset lithography at Printon Trükikoda AS in Estonia.


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