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Town & Country no. 1

Town & Country no. 1

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Alex Nall

Ivy Terrace Press

Town & County is a comics magazine featuring stories about a fictional small town in rural Illinois, written and drawn by Alex Nall.

The first issue features 36 pages of short interlinked stories detailing the lives and histories of multiple townsfolk. In this debut issue: a widow starts keeping a diary after his dead wife visits him in his sleep, a house cleaner uncovers a client’s marital secrets, an insomniac revisits the history of a high school hero, and a small time drug dealer hopes for a big score in a little town. These stories feature characters and locations from some of the author's previous works, including 'Kids With Guns' and 'Lawns' published by @kilgorebooks. Other stories from this series have been published in various issues of Rust Belt Review (ed. @seanknickerbocker).


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