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Totale Résistance

Totale Résistance

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H. Reumann

Total resistance! If you have nothing against comics without text; if you know how to appreciate the beauty of rigorous black & white as well as that of retro coloring; if absurd humor tickles you; if you dream from time to time of solving your problems with tatanes; if the world sometimes seems like a harsh and desperate place to you; if reality saddens you; if the irrational speaks to you; if good feelings exasperate you; if axes, nail boards and baseball bats seem like good tools for expressing yourself; if you like teddy bears armed with machine guns; If SUV and Black Medicine Book, Helge Reumann's previous books, are well stored in your library... then Totale Résistance is for you! Totale Résistance presents around twenty short stories, previously published in a handful of high-end magazines (like Strapazin or Kramers Ergot) but never published here, and some of which will be colored for the occasion, all in a "large format” which will allow you to fully appreciate the mastery and graphic originality of the brilliant H. Reumann. Total resistance!


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