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The Necrophilic Landscape

The Necrophilic Landscape

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Morgan Vogel

2D Cloud

In Morgan Vogel’s The Necrophilic Landscape the world is split between adult men and male children— we’re told they’re identified and separated at birth. Men live in the city and children live in quasi-feudal, agrarian zones on its outskirts. But children may pass themselves off as men by merely standing on top of one another while wearing a trenchcoat. And the disguise is employed en masse, systematized, with untold numbers of paired children disguised as adults crossing into the city to become its criminals, terrorists, and illegal immigrants. Satire. An unfinished work which feels epic by sheer density of ideas per page and panel. Nikolai Gogol under the influence of Edogowa Rampo. Previously published under the pseudonym Tracy Auch, this second edition features an afterword with texts by the author and photographs.


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