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The Lighthouse in the City, Vol. 5

The Lighthouse in the City, Vol. 5

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Karl Christian Krumpholz

Kilgore Books, 124 pages - 5”x8”

A few months before the global pandemic started, Karl launched a daily diary comic to document his wife Kelly's upcoming surgery and recovery. Fifteen months later, Karl is still documenting their lives as the whole world recovers. While diary comics have become relatively common, in a year where every day felt the same and time seemed to slow down and melt, having a document of life's progress has felt substantial. In a year full of death, sickness, fear, and confusion, simply getting through a day often felt like an accomplishment. Taking the time to notice small joys in the midst of it all, and putting a period on each and every day, Karl was able to push back against the encroaching darkness and create a record of love.

This volume collects his diary comics from January-March of 2021. They can be read as part of the whole series, or out of order, as there is no specific narration.


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