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The Complete Jontar

The Complete Jontar

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The “Citizen Kane” of ‘80 outsider small press comics, published in its entirety for the first-time ever.

THE COMPLETE JONTAR features nearly 300 pages of the full story, all-new creator interviews and never-before-released alternate issues by entirely different artists!

Male stripper by night and street sanitation worker by even later-night, JONTAR finds his mulleted and naïve existence is about to seriously change after the discovery of a disappearing elf in a trashcan. When a group of blackmailing mob heavies harass his best gym buddy, JONTAR intervenes only to be tragically and fatally stabbed. Before permanent death takes hold, his soul is transported to the "dream dimension" of Master Elf-Keeper, who resurrects JONTAR as his chosen earthly sword-bearing avenger to lead in some of the most delightfully WTF adventures comics has ever seen.

Originally published at the height of the indie black-and-white comic boom of the '80s, the JONTAR series was self-published by creator Bill W. Miller. He enlisted five separate artists over the course of nine issues to realize his wildly warped and singular vision which includes disappearing camels, petrified elves, lizard lords, Christian punk cults, and even a gritty ‘90s-style reboot rebranding the franchise with era-appropriate anti-heroes. 

Foil and UV cover enhancements!


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