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Terra Maxima

Terra Maxima

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Ludovic Debeurme

Éditions Cornélius

For this series of unpublished drawings reproduced with particular care, Ludovic Debeurme once again exceeds the hopes that his admirers had placed in him. Nightmarish, disturbing visions, nourished by the haunting idea of ​​decay and death, Terra Maxima advances on the periphery of the fantastic worlds created by Jerome Bosch and Johann Heinrich Füssli. Turning his back on the nature of men and their criteria of beauty, Ludovic Debeurme gives monsters a chance in a work on the body, deformity and sexuality where the grotesque competes with the sublime. The organic drawing, the misty matter of the line materialize hybrid creatures whose ugliness attracts as much as it questions, transforming this bewitching and obsessive book into a disturbing experience.


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