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H. Reumann


Helge Reumann is not a stranger: in recent years, we will have seen him try to corrupt our proud youth with some beautiful titles published at the Rouergue (Bagarre, Pursuit); he will also have ricocheted with the world of contemporary art, with Xavier Robel within Elvis StudioElvis Road, where they will produce together a number of giant posters and especially theHis best and most imposing book (Black Medicine Book). During all these years, he has never ceased to try his talent within the fine flower of the (really) alternative edition (United Dead Artist, the Last Cri) and in some magazines of choice (Kramers Ergot, Bile noire). H. Reumann is not a stranger, therefore, but he has become rare in the beautiful world of comics. It was enough to be patient, and here he arrives with this incredible, and incomparable, SUV. In SUV, H. Reumann does not change course and always works the same obsessions: urban violence and austere nature tamed by man, account settlement with tatane, and widespread distrust for all those, and those who walk. There is folly, and humor, in SUV, but distilled with Reumann sauce, with a rigorous and beautiful layout and stroke, a hollow-no-ri-ray side that knows how to wreak havoc, and a disturbing and strange atmosphere that has almost become a trademark.

Please note this copy has a ding in the bottom front cover, still an incredibly beautiful book


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