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Hugues Micol

Editions Cornelius

In love with a fantasized America, Hugues Micol continues – for our greatest pleasure – his reappropriation of a popular culture that rocked his earliest childhood. After the bandits in Providence, then the cowboys in Whisky, it's the turn of the superheroes to go through the Master's prodigious graphic grinder. Emerging from Hugues Micol's gouache and watercolor flat areas, the supermen trip over their capes and the bodies are deformed to the point of baroque in captivating representations that oscillate between homage and ridicule. Like their adulator, the idols have matured and now show some signs of relaxation. Playing with caricature, Micol alters, accentuates, exaggerates, twists the representation of these icons to better play with their particularities. The flat areas of color, characteristic of the aesthetics of comic books, fade away to give way to abstraction and spontaneity. Immersed in splendid settings, the superheroes of Hugues Micol contemplate themselves in the grandiosity of their imperfections.


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