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Super Kiblind 5

Super Kiblind 5

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- 37 international artists

- 37 original illustrations

- 37 detachable posters

- Book size: 26 x 30 cm

- Format Detachable posters: 24 x 30 cm

- Print run: 1000 copies.

Each quarter, KIBLIND Magazine invites young French and international artists to deliver a personal interpretation of a theme imagined by its editorial staff. Best of 2021, Super KIBLIND 5 brings together the illustrations produced by these seasoned challengers around the following four themes: In my street, Sugar Sugar, What are you playing at? and Obsession. With this poster book, he turns them into 37 detachable posters. A way of occupying roughly 25.9 m2 of white walls and paying tribute to those who know, better than anyone else, how to draw the contours of today's world.


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