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Spaceship Comics 1

Spaceship Comics 1

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Ashton Carless


Ashton Carless creates SPACESHIP MAGAZINE, a multilateral interdimensional poetry collage fantasy comics collaboration magazine... Spaceship : It cauterizes the spasms of the soul into a pure spherical mirror, a vessel for the expanding nature of the mind... but like a marble, dislodged from your minds eye... because what are we if not trapped inside the universes we create and that create ourselves? But with art we have a vessel, a spaceship, to shoot like a pinball into the universe of another human being.... SPACESHIP magazine - seek to amend the space between each other, but without losing the sublime depth of experience we come to understand in glimpses...

the secret sleeper sci-fi deadcrow release.

Feat Ashton carless (editing, writing on all comics, art) Ethan Means, Ethan Kramer, Zach Thompson, Jade Mar, Deji Lasi, Floyd Tangeman, Aneesa Razak, Frankie Lo, and Nora Ashwood, interpolating each others consciousness in myriad manners.


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