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So Buttons #13 (Film School)

So Buttons #13 (Film School)

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Jonathan Baylis

Jonathan Baylis (words), Art by Karl Christian Krumpholz, Tony Wolf, Joe Zabel, Gary Dumm, Bernie Mireault, Whit Taylor, Brian Bram, Maria & Peter Hoey, Kate Lacour, Rick Parker, Miguel Echemendia, Michael T. Gilbert, T.J. Kirsch, & Ed Piskor

I’ve been making fun, true comix for a long time.
One comic a year. Every year. For 13 years.
So Buttons is an anthology of fun, heartwarming, true stories. One life (mine!) interpreted by many amazing artists.

My life is a life surrounded by comix, celebrity and coincidence and So Buttons collects it all in one lovely package.
I love working with so many great artists and I love PAYING them. Nothing is for exposure here, except my soul.

This issue is subtitled: Film School with Pekar’s Pals and Mine
If you don’t know, Harvey Pekar was a guy who wrote auto-bio comics and hired different artists to interpret his stories. I follow that model.
So… the inspiration for that “Film School” subtitle is this. Last year, I met Joe Zabel, a longtime collaborator of Harvey Pekar’s. I showed him my work and he agreed to do a story with me. And then he introduced me to Gary Dumm, and even longer collabber with Pekar. HE agreed to do a story. And then he introduced me to other co-conspirators Michael T. Gilbert and Brian Bram (not seen since American Splendor #2, 1977)!

So this issue is a split between Harvey’s pals and my pals, and probably because of all the staying inside at home I did during the pandemic, it is a HEAVILY film-referenced issue. Before I wanted to call this series “So…”, I wanted to call it “Film School” and this is the closest this book has been executed to that initial idea.

My Collaborators include:
· Karl Christian Krumpholz on the cover
· Tony Wolf doing some Swampy magic
· Joe Zabel on a Sundance premiere
· Bernie Mireault on 28 Days Later
· Whit Taylor (nominated for an Ignatz this year!) – on parenting. We’re both parents to young kids.
· More Pekar folks Gary & Laura Dumm – on Inglourious Basterds (about filmmaker/actor Eli Roth, who I went to film school with!)
· And Brian Bram – not seen since American Splendor #2 in 1977, spends some time in Strawberry Fields
· Maria and Peter Hoey work on my eye surgery
· Kate Lacour reflects on vision
· Rick Parker nails the Sound Effects of Ennio Morricone score to Once Upon a Time in the West
· Miguel “ECH” Echemendia outdoes himself on the best Jack Elam movie you’ve never seen
· Michael T. Gilbert on Tallulah Bankhead (Hitchcock’s Lifeboat)
· Karl Christian Krumpholz again as we get pickled talking about The Lives of Eddie Coyle
· And so does baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan by my ride-or-die T. J. Kirsch
· With Ed Piskor doing a little So Buttons headshot love.

Come along for this cinematic ride through comix! It’s So Buttons: Film School!!!



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