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So Buttons #11

So Buttons #11

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Jonathan Baylis

This issues launches the second decade of So Buttons Comix! This all-new issue features cover art by Jim Rugg (Kayfabe, Street Angel) in tribute to Basil Wolverton’s cover for Plop! #6.

Includes a new, funny story drawn by November Garcia in a tribute to Scotch and a heartwarming tale about Make-a-Wish and John Cleese by British artist B. Mure. UK small press legend Phil Elliott captures a time when I lived in a London comics shop owned by a guy from Brooklyn. T.J. Kirsch shows why you can’t go home again and Jeff Zapata completes my intern cycle with my time at Topps. Bonus strip about Bazooka by Rick Parker

Continuing in this issue is a multi-part series of strips featuring famous folks that share my birthday, this time with Carol Channing, drawn by Maria and Peter Hoey (Coin-Op). Illustrations by A.T. Pratt, Garrett Gilchrist, Andy Rash, Fred Hembeck, my 5 year old son Lucas, and a back cover by Miss Lasko-Gross


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