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Silver Grass

Silver Grass

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Virginia Paine

numbered edition


Silver Grass is a queer polyamorous romance comic set on a struggling colony planet. Kean works as a pilot protecting the valley they call home. Their life is spent peacefully hanging out with their pet moth Ash, their boyfriend Quill and their other partner Chanthavy. A major theft sends Kean to Arza City to retrieve a valuable crop and lands them in trouble with a acrobatic stranger and the police.

Silver Grass has been described as "yummy and quiet"! If a quiet, Nausicca-inspired smutty romance with nonbinary and queer characters sounds like your thing, you will enjoy Silver Grass.

This comic is explicit! CW/Content warning for multiple sex scenes, large insects, nosebleeds, and a fist fight. Also a gun is drawn twice but not fired.

This book is half sheet size (5.5"x8.5") laser printed with a lovely risograph cover.


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