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Éditions Cornélius

It takes no more than 50 drawings of Singeon's talent and imagination to explore our most ancestral passions, fears and ideals. A small albino monkey who had gotten lost in a military port surrounded by boats of random size, sometimes very large, sometimes in a reduced model – giving him the appearance of a King Kong – found his way back into the meanders of Singeon's unconscious. . Through 50 rescues, the author stages a series of variations, constructions around a mischievous little monkey(on) delivering a princess from her dungeon or rather from her hold or her cabin. The bad roads, sorrows and rakes are not spared, no more than this ugly ignorance which is the worst of evils. But the total victory, the vanquished enemy and the end against the backdrop of the setting sun are also there, there is something for everyone. The Indian ink drawing, initially composed on large layers, elegantly underlines the aquatic atmosphere of the book.


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