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Saltine's Book of Parables

Saltine's Book of Parables

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Angela Guyton


"I am very proud to present to you Saltine’s Book of Parables. This hardcover art book is a collaboration between myself and Saltine–world renowned art historian, and former financial manager to the Ford administration. We also collaborated very closely with Cody Sullivan, who Saltine represents in all matters legal and managerial.

I consider this book of ours to be something of a children’s book for adults. Written in Saltine’s unique voice, these parables are witty, succinct, wise, and offer reflections on the wide breadth of human experience. Everything from navigating anal fissures in relationships, to eschewing desperation in bathhouses, and back through again to lessons about setting boundaries, bargains, and how our hair can get tangled up in it all." - Guyton


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