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Simon Bailly


Simon Bailly is the child of decades of Franco-Belgian comics and children's books. He's undoubtedly also a cousin of underground comics à la Daniel Clowes. It must also share a few chromosomes with the great poster artists of the cinema. In short, it seems that the Lyonnais is the product of a flawless lineage. It's hardly surprising, then, that he excels in the art of the clear line and illustrated facetiousness, that he masters the description of everyday life and the creation of moods of pain, and that he shines with the balance of his compositions and his ability to manipulate our gaze. It may seem like a lot for one man, but the author of Utopia at L'Agrume and Scienceflix with Hamza Garrush and Kévin Razy, published by La Martinière Jeunesse, doesn't seem to mind having so many qualities.


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