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Recipes for the Suspension of Space-Time

Recipes for the Suspension of Space-Time

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Chao, Jessica (Author); Crosby, Jazmyn (Author); Crouch, Daniel (Author); Hansen, Beth (Author); McKinnon, Cecilia (Author)

"Recipes for The Suspension of Space-Time is a mail exchange exploring preservation of food, objects, relationships, and time. Fermented, pickled, or dried foods are the basis for parcels of edible mail art. Recipes here become loose scores for time capsules, snapshots of our regional and intimate lives, and documentation of our efforts to reach each other across distance.

We see wild fermentation as a form of radical hospitality between human and nonhuman life-forms, and a metaphor for living and thriving under current conditions. Sharing a jar of sauerkraut between cities and across the Canada-US border, we bring closer together, eating pieces of each others' worlds." -- Inner panel of the box.


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