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Pim & Francie - French Edition

Pim & Francie - French Edition

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Al Columbia

The Mansion Press

The few texts present in this artbook are in French

  • Pim and Francie French edition . 
  • 9,8 x 9,8 inches: GIANT SIZE
  • 240 PAGES
  • Hardcover book 

ENTER THE CURSED WORLD OF AL COLUMBIA. Find out about the terrifying and anxiety-provoking adventures of Pim & Francie. More than just a comic book, this book is a veritable grimoire collecting over a decade's worth of artifacts, research, comics, book covers, stories and more, this broken book puzzle will give you a reading experience like no other! Mysterious, elusive, enigmatic Pim and Francie by Al Columbia is a rare and precious book that should be appreciated and regarded as the true masterpiece that it is!



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