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FRMK, book is in FRENCH

Pierre-Crignasse is a collection of cruel tales for children and their parents. It is a re-creation of the German Struwwelpeter, known in French as Crasse-Tignasse, thanks to Cavanna who will make it popular in France, on the occasion of a new translation at the Ecole des Loisirs in 1979. Pierre-Crignasse is therefore not a new translation but a real re-creation inspired by this monument of children's literature. As popular as Lewis Carroll's Alice, he is a figure who rocked several generations of children around the world. These tales are about the right way to behave, but with fierce humor! Here, it is the taboos that are staged (not behaving properly at the table, making fun of strangers, mistreating animals, etc.), but very often it ends very badly. Each story bears the name of its hero, this is how we follow the misadventures of Peter, Friederich, Kaspar or Hans. They are just as much moral tales as a-moral, as their end is cruel, even cynical. And that's probably where adults find it just as much fun as children. Thanks to the rich and lively graphics of Atak, we come across the pages Tintin, Olive and Popeye or Batman. And in their attempt to anchor these century-old tales in the contemporary world, we accompany little Justin in his dream of a game console.


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