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Pièces Montées

Pièces Montées

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Gianpaolo Pagni and Chloé Poizat

Éditions Cornélius

Gianpaolo Pagni and Chloé Poizat have known each other for a long time. They even chose to live together and share a workshop. This closeness at all times has not, however, resulted in merging their personalities, which remain very distinct, each of them producing an intimate and personal work whose result seems to owe nothing to the other. On the strength of this observation and driven by the curiosity to find a new form of alliance, they decide one fine day in the summer of 2011 to share a sheet of paper together. Not to cut it or separate it into two equal parts. But to really share it. To survey its limits and to plant an idea, a vision or a dream, each in turn, thus creating a common territory that no border can any longer dissociate. Pieces Montées is the inventory of these months of explorations and discoveries, the only rule of which will have been to begin each drawing in turn, Chloé armed with her ink pen and Gianpaolo with his stamps. Playing with the other, following his drawing, appropriating what exists to transform it, transforming each new start into a challenge, accepting to lose control of a drawing which will no longer belong to anyone but himself, such was the project of this rather rare graphic conversation, and such is the secret of its beauty.


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