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Floor van het Nederend


On the occasion of the number 65, summer 2018, Floor van het Nederend has produced an original work for the magazine Kiblind on the theme "extraterrestrial".

-Poster size 29.7 x 42 cm

-printing in Risographie at Atelier Kiblind

For this extra-terrestrial cover, we had to search the Amsterdam country for hours, and snatch this black monolith: Floor van het Nederend.
Raised to boredom in class, the head filled with old Spirou and the hand guided by the great Americans Crumb and Pettibon, Floor is a self-taught. oh, Yes. In his mythology reigns both pop culture and environmental consciousness. The rendering lives a lot and strong, it seduces by its false nonchalantness and strikes by its effectiveness. And above all, it lets our imagination create the Sequel.


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