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Mystic Debris

Mystic Debris

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Justin Gradin


When the band kicks him out and his wife and baby leave him, Whizbang travels to other planes of existence in an attempt to make peace with it all. A psychedelic walkabout by way of screwball comedy.

Justin Gradin's stunning debut graphic novel Mystic Debris and its cast of quixotics exist in a comics continuum with Gary Panter's Jimbo, Mark Beyer's Amy and Jordan, and Marc Bell's Shrimpy and Paul. Whizbang is a metalhead whose band, Fascinator, has left him for stardom. His wife, Planchette, has left with their newborn baby. He leaves himself for a shimmy up the astral projector stripper pole, to hang with cosmic dust bunnies in a quest for enlightenment, or at least in a quest to avoid a job at the door factory.


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