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Muff Magazine Issue 3: The Animal Issue

Muff Magazine Issue 3: The Animal Issue

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Flower Press

Muff is a biannual print magazine made by Ellen Freeman and Sharada Tolton that uses contemporary art and writing to open up our perceptions of reality. Each issue invites artists and writers to truth-seek around an everyday theme, tracing where power, vanity, consumerism, and technology intersect with spiritual evolution.

MUFF 03 tells stories of animals as family members, collaborators, mirrors, war veterans, internet celebrities, performance artists, and portals to freedom. Invited artists and writers challenge the old taxonomies, rejecting the Skinner boxes and Pavlovian bells that would have us see animals as reactive machines. Accepting their similarities with and symbiotic connections to other species, these human voices question their responsibility to animals, weighing consent and the power dynamics of interspecies relationships.

~ Squirrel mothering ~ Proletariat farm fashion
~ Gay nature ~ Whales in mourning
~ Nonhuman collaborators ~ Ritual sacrifice
~ Horsegirl fantasies debunked ~ Pets as accessories (quiz!)

vanessa banthi, izzy boutiette, ruth burke, dj guapis, sage elaine fisher, ellen freeman, regina galvez, lillian hardy, maren jensen, joyce s. lee, el lee, william lukas, megan marsh, jaqueline melesio, claire mullen, guichi neyra, fatima nieto, shelby richmond, hannah schulman, bennett smith, evgenja snail, beatriz sokol, niki taylor, sharada tolton, taehee whang.

maren jensen

72 pages. NO ADS.


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