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Monster Fan Club #1

Monster Fan Club #1

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Jason Miles and Shaky Kane

Is that Vampira with an uzi?! Tor Johnson with a crack pipe?! Welcome to Edge City, population BOO! Meet casino boss cock, Gary Ghoulash as he tries to fend off Lady Die’s predatory brand of entrepreneurialism! Witness the 1st appearance of Stoker (kaiju-in-a-neck-tie) and Mr. Frankenstein (with shotgun) as they cruise the cruel pavement of MONSTER WORLD, USA.

Here it is! Your membership card to MONSTER FAN CLUB! Our members include Diabetic Dracula, The Boiled Owl, The Bad Brain, The Old Man, Gary Ghoulash, Lady Die, Missus Puddington, The Middlemen, Stoker, Mr. Frankenstein, Mom, Dad, Goryfyuk, Snail Brain, and many more! Wanna be a member?

Bonus stories and pinups by Ken Landgraf, Diabetic Dracula, Noel Freibert, Daria Tessler, Chris Cilla, and Jesse McManus


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