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Monster Crime

Monster Crime

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Johnny Damm

New Real-Life Horror Comics from Johnny Damm!

Beginning in late 2020, news outlets began to report a terrifying new crimewave sweeping the United States. “Organized Retail Crime” was devastating communities and forcing retailers to close stores and lay off workers.

Except this crimewave never happened. In December of 2023, retail lobbying groups admitted they'd invented the shocking data that formed the centerpiece of the fictitious narrative.

Using the actual words of corporate retail executives, media outlets, and politicians, Monster Crime traces the spread of this lie and presents it in the style of 1950s monster comics. Damm ultimately asks the reader to consider who profits from our fears and where the true horror lies.

Comic Book. 8.25″ by 5.85″; 48 pages, cover 100 lb, interior 80 lb; full color


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