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METAFABLES : The Art of Andrew Blucha

METAFABLES : The Art of Andrew Blucha

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Andrew Blucha

The Mansion Press

  • 148 color pages
  • 22 X 31 centimeters
  • Hardcover
  • Printed on a luxury 150 grams "Munken Print White Paper" 

For many years, Andrew Blucha has been the master architect of METAFABLES, a true materialization of his artistic sensibility and influences.
Andrew enjoys creating fantastic and surreal illustrations. He likes to include old anatomical motifs, mysticism, absurdity and Victorian fashion in his art. If Gustave Doré and Roland Topor are among his major inspirations, this talented artist likes to venture into artistic terrain that is more than surprising. More than a succession of unrelated works, Andrew Blucha is building a veritable "artistic edifice" day by day. Enter his hypnotic world and see for yourself!


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