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Melting Pot/ Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Melting Pot/ Nuclear Fusion Reactor

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Carmel D'or

Here borders are reflected, extend into each other, and are locked in an unending spiral – refracting cyclically as though hands mirrored on a clock face. Each page is an opportunity to reconsider how this volatile fusion unfolds.

The watercolor pencils reference color mixtures from the Israeli Flag (Light Blue), the Palestinian Flag (Venetian Red), and the flags together (Burnt Carmine). These become tools for exploring shifting boundaries and unsettling ideas of fixed nations.

This zine is for practicing presence in the unknown.

This project is made possible by a Tyler School of Art and Architecture Grant-in-Aid award for Research and Creative Work
from Temple University.

Printed at Pet Riso Studio for
Form and Formless: Constellations of Knowledge
 at the UrbanGlass Robert Lehman Gallery


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