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Low Tide #6

Low Tide #6

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Reprinted with care by Noel Friebert

For the 20 year anniversary of the original printing we are pleased to offer this limited reprint of the highly sought after mini-comic in its original format: Six color screen printed cover, One color screen printed interior-cover, 60 b/w xeroxed interior pages, with sewn binding. 

Low Tide #6 is an important and ill-seen body of work in CF's catalogue. It represents an aesthetic bridge between the artist's early erratic comic experiments and the highly influential Powr Mastrs series.

A note from Noel- "This reprint is limited to 200 copies, for every copy sold the artist (CF) is paid $20. My initial idea in starting this project was to ensure that the artist is paid as well as possible. In normal publishing structures artists are usually paid minimally and after the fact... if at all. So i decided to structure this project with the priority being payment to the artist. I thought of the price point as a balancing act of accessibility with consideration to: production costs/labor, what i felt the artist deserved, and what i felt an audience of this size would be willing to pay given the experimental structure behind the project. Thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy the book!"


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