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Love Rain

Love Rain

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Ray Toy

Two immature druggies, Nell and Trust, witness the murder of a local menace named Tow Man. Fleeing the scene, Nell embarks on a soul-searching journey to trim their threads of misery and unlock the secret to romantic love. Along the way, Nell encounters a geriatric bear and an experimental exhibitionist privy to the world of trolls. Upon returning to their hometown of Atlantic City, Nell is courted by a creepy teenager. While temporary solace is found in an aging sugar baby, a bout of loneliness causes Nell to reunite with Trust. Closure comes when they are visited by Tow Man's ghost who offers the gift of eternal good luck. While Trust discovers their passion for weeping, Nell heads off on one last adventure with a giant cloth flower that can be ridden through the sky like a broomstick.


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