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Looking for a Four Leaf Clover

Looking for a Four Leaf Clover

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Chloe Luisa Piñero

2021, 72 full color pages, 8 x 10 in, Copyright © 2021 Chloe Luisa Pinero

Printed with Fireball Printing in Philadelphia, PA

“Looking For a Four Leaf Clover is a tribute to my upbringing and intersecting cultures, to queerness and desire, and to embracing home completely. It’s a project that borders reality and fantasy, exploring the ways in which our minds connect and overlap experience, images, and memories.

The imagery in this book shifts between fragments of the public spaces that I encounter (both digital and physical) and personal objects. The hybrid form of a middle school notebook and glamour/porno magazine is intended to reference the intimate and collective experiences that we can have with various book formats. The name Looking For a Four Leaf Clover is a reference to the childhood game, a homage to my Irish grandmother, and a metaphor for desire.

* In the back of this book you will find curated imagery from my personal archive, and an invitation to make and add your own collages.”


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