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Le Bain de minuit

Le Bain de minuit

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Manon Diemer


Are we condemned to wander the world like countless ants, bumping into each other on the way to a job that must never be started again? To this not very pleasant prospect, the designer Manon Diemer says no, says stop, says enough. Driven by a certain gift for depicting nature and grandiose human achievements, she offers the world virtuoso drawings which allow the requested calm. Because the talent of a designer is not limited to the impressive realism of the line. To this, the Parisian manages to add just the right amount of emotion, playing on the luminosity and adjusting the nervousness of her features to create settings so alive that you would think you could hear them. His wallpapers for the Papermint brand thus become settings in which to rest your brain for a few minutes. And, finally, give time to time.


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