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LAAB MAGAZINE #2: Eat / Shit

LAAB MAGAZINE #2: Eat / Shit

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Ronald Wimberly

Beehive Books

The third issue of Ronald Wimberly's annual art tabloid on identity and visual culture, LAAB MAGAZINE (LAAB numbering is symbolic and non-sequential.)

LAAB #2 concerns itself with food, waste, compost, and sustainability, as well as broader issues from media consumption to cultural appropriation. Are you what you eat? What does our waste reveal about us, as individuals and societies?

Features interviews with Tunde Adebimpe, Steve Brill, and Stephen Torton, essays by Michael Metivier, Ronald Wimberly, and Kim Jooha, and much more! Contributing artists include Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Michael DeForge, Paul Pope, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Gideon Kendall, Tracy Chahwan, Connor Willumsen, Miranda Tacchia, Mikkel Sommer, Virginia Zamora, Jasjyot Singh Hans, Frank Nikol, and many others.

17”x22" seven-section broadsheet newspaper, 56 pages.


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