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Invisible War

Invisible War

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Diego Lazzarin

A 52 pages fully coloured Comic Book by Diego Lazzarin.
21 x 30 cm Printed on 140g Arcoprint paper (Cover - 300g Fedrigoni Tintoretto Neve paper).

The little Jyoshimi, her father Josh and her uncle Trent live in a near future in which poverty reached its highest level in human history. At this time, financial and religious institutions have definitely officialized their communion and instituted a new global government.

As a consequence of this new establishment, a new crypto-currency is created in replacement of the old Dollar. As the New Government stated, the main characteristic of this new coin is its transferability and usability in the afterlife.

These days, humanity finds itself in a situation of chaos. Gangs of militarised financial criminals, called Spekulators, fight against the New Government.

To counter the offence, the New Government placed rewards on the heads of these Spekulators. This last decision led to a wave of madness and spawned an intense war between the desperate civilians, acting as mercenaries, and the Spekulators.


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