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I'm Not Supposed to Live This Long

I'm Not Supposed to Live This Long

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Pamela Anne Price

"My name is Pamela Anne Price. I was born on September 23rd, 1959 in Phila-
delphia, PA. I am a painter and poet with Cerebral Palsy. I like to talk about my
62 years of life with my staff who help me eat, get dressed, and wash my hair.
I wasn't supposed to be here for this long. I weighed five pounds when I was
born. My staff writes down my thoughts and we work together to make poems.
I am excited to say I am beginning to sell my second poetry book!

This book has been printed on Risograph at Who Press'd Press. It is 32 pages of 4-color CMYK print. It is called "I'm Not Supposed To Live This Long," which is some-
thing I tell people a lot. God keeps me alive, and it feels good.
My poems are a way for me to share my life. I talk about everything that's im-
portant to me! I talk about people who were close to me and have died. I'm happy that they have no more pain. I also talk about my life, like ordering an ice cream float
from the pizza store last night. The float was strawberry and vanilla flavored.
Even though I'm in a wheelchair, I figured out how to tell the world my story.
To make my paintings, I put a laser pointer on my head. After that, I paint on a
picture by moving my head and I show my staff where the color goes. I tell them
what color to paint and they paint it. I tell them when to stop and switch colors.
I love making art because it makes me feel good. Life can make me really
stressed out. When I am making art, I’m just happy. I don’t want to feel invisible.
My art is how I feel known. It is my way of telling people about who I am."


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