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If pets could paint

If pets could paint

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Angela Kirkwood


Angela Kirkwood has all the qualities of a Santa Claus. Like him, she is only there for the good of others. Like him, she tends to make the world a better place by offering joy and smiles to people around the world. But at least she works a little more than just one day a year. Thus, the illustrator and animator based in Edinburgh can provide amazed eyes with effective, funny and touching images all year round. In a word, fun. Thanks to characters with highlighted expressions, extra-shock colors and a drawing of controlled naivety, the Scotswoman flexes the zygomatic bones and relaxes the frown lines. The graphic force of his compositions and the tenderness of his subjects undermine the anxiety and anger which disappear as if by magic. There it is, his gift. All that remains is to unpack it.


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