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Help Yourself: Print Portfolio

Help Yourself: Print Portfolio

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Produced in accord with the exhibition of the same name at Partners and Son, this beautiful print portfolio contains 33 individual riso prints!


About the project:

The genre of self-help is seen as an isolated activity of self-betterment, often mocked for its tropes, cheesiness, and scam-adjacency. As lovers of pulp and pop, we see beyond the public ridicule to the heart of self-help: as a way that humans seek and communicate care to one another. From the paperbacks lining airport bookstores to call-in radio shows to advice columns, people are trying to find out from other people how to navigate new territory. In a confusing and destabilized world, the care, knowledge and wisdom we can offer one another is crucial. We sought to collectively make a record of our mistakes, lessons learned, instructions for living, warnings, and inner old-man-shouting-from-rooftops.

Unlike conventional self-help material, HELP YOURSELF is not intended to present anything like singular truth or unified advice. Our publication contains a poly-vocal collection of creative work responding to the theme of self-help from artists from around the world.

Participation artists include:
Zohre Abasian
Golnar Adili
Tabitha Arnold
Sacha Carlos-Raps
Sharon Chin
Katy G. Collier
Muriel Condon
Amze Emmons*
Olivia Fredricks*
Stephen Grebinski
Nilou Kazemzadeh*
Ally Kotarsky
Jake Lahah*
Brett Lysne
Marco Velasco Martínez
Maddie May
Victoria Ahmadizadeh Melendez
Natasha Neira
Marine Penhouët
Carlos Pileggi
Amira F. Pualwan*
Ziba Rajabi
Mojdeh Rezaeipour and Liliana Padilla
Arnaud Rochard
Henry Rosenberg*
Sepideh Salehi
Lila Shull
Mizin Shin
Madison Svendgard
Anda Tanaka
Bill Thelen
Chinn Wang
Kyung Eun You 

*Indicates project producer


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