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Gratuitous Ninja

Gratuitous Ninja

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Ronald Wemberly

Beehive Books

Gratuitous Ninjas. That’s what you'll find in the shadows of a New York City that's rotten with shinobi.

This stealth epic flows from the stoops to the subways, reinventing both the ninja tale and the graphic novel. Accordion-folded pages flip-kick through a sprawling saga of a reimagined NYC where ninja run the underground and anarchist pyrates run the streets.

This unique box set contains 636 pageless scrolling pages -- four hundred consecutive feet of comics bubbling with pugilist praxis, chanbara dialectics, pyrate vs. ninja warfare, and a whole secret history of NYC. Including a wall-sized subway map detailing the secret routes and ghost trains of the GratNin clans, a set of trading cards, a ninja union badge and much more.

GratNin isn't a linear story -- it's an elaborate world to journey through, and try not to get lost in. 9" x 6". 636 pages.


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