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Fox & Heron

Fox & Heron

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Kathryn Briggs

"Created between 2018-2021, these auto-bio comics chronicle the emotional transition from an old life to an unknown new one. But let me take you back first – 2012, a simpler time. I arrived in Scotland to pursue a Masters and for the first time in my life, I felt at Home.  But six years later, I’d have to abandon the life I’d built and return to the place where I grew up – thanks, UK Border Agency.

Pennsylvania was somewhere I had escaped; a landscape of traumas and unresolved parts of myself.  But it was also a place of Love and Possibility.  Had I learned enough on my Outward Journey to survive the Return Home?

These 15 short comics are the curated result of trying to figure my own process of acclimatization to a New/Old life.  They’re painful, hopeful, introspective, and steeped in a hefty does of WHYYYYY? They’re the most experimental of my experimental comics style; form follows feeling." - Briggs


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