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Fluorescent Mud

Fluorescent Mud

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Eli Howey

2D CLoud

Fluorescent Mud is an art comic that is entirely hand painted in watercolour and gouache. Using a strong visual language of symbols and codes, compositions are accompanied by dialogue and retrospective poetry to flesh out the narrative storytelling. The book follows the main character through a series of seemingly unrelated and unexplainable experiences. These occurrences are communicated in an almost surreal fashion, taking into account the various states of mind, memories/thoughts/feelings and sensory experiences that affect a subjective retelling of events.

Fluorescent Mud attempts to articulate unquantifiable moments that are often overlooked in narrative exploration either because they are non-normative topics or because they are difficult to communicate without the use of text and image based storytelling. The book is built up around the artists' specific visual language, to communicate the nuances of these non-tangible experiences. Its narrative artwork recounts the intricacies of our experiences, to acknowledge the beauty and depth that we get detached from through the monotony of capitalist routine.


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