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Family Fun

Family Fun

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Jesse Simpson

Mansion Press


  • FAMILY FUN BY JESSE SIMPSON : Limited Edition. 700 copies ONLY
  • 8,6 x 8,6 inches
  • 220 color pages 
  • Hardcover book

Enter the furious and uninhibited world of Jesse Simpson !

For a few years, Jesse Simpson on his instagram account @noiserover has developed a totally crazy world.
Transgressive, hilarious, disgusting, absurd, dark, many are the qualifiers that can apply to this true distorting mirror of our society. Only one thing unites them all: talent!

This book is much more than a simple artbook!
With his flashy and dynamic style, Jesse Simpson poses as a true architect of a world where irony and cynicism reign supreme. you can't say you didn't know! 


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