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Famicon Collection 04 2nd Edition

Famicon Collection 04 2nd Edition

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A bold new book by the Famicon Team, 116 bursting pages of comics, stories, puzzles and adverts, printed with a uniquely curling glossy front cover, and standard US comic book sized black and white pages.
Featuring brand new artwork by the Wickedly Talented: Kitty Clark,GHXYK2,Leomi Sadler,Stef Sadler, and featuring Famicon Cousin; Jon Chandler.
The book starts off with a short story..then, adrenaline rush of comic sketches, what's next? a choose-your-own-adventure page turner... and then? Buy then you'll be dribbling for more!
It's been 13 years since Famicon Collection 03 so why not buy the latest issue!


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